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A human being is depend on a multi species which whose have a complex interactions within a functioning ecosystems such as purify water, pollinate flowers, decompose wastes, soil fertility, buffer water flows, weather extremes, and also fulfil the social and cultural needs. About past two centuries, the humankind has become of one of the major extinction events on the Earth. This is including appropriating the major parts of the energy flow through the food web to favour the species before the extinction on Earth. Plus, in the past few decades, human which is also known as people have become aware of their impacts on the biodiversity and the threats of those impacts. Most countries have the biodiversity protection programs of varying…show more content…
The ability to anticipate in such change will always be incomplete and far from perfect, so any management actions just are within a framework that is flexible and adaptive. Community based conservation programs also could be adopted on a larger scale. This programs will attempt to enhance the local user rights and stewardship to a very natural resources, and also allowing those nearest to natural resources, who already share in the costs of conservation such as wildlife depredation of crops to share in and get the benefits also. But such programs are not easy, and more effort needs to make this designing program affective. The payment for the ecosystem services that has been for some time which is been considered as an efficient and equitable way to achieve many outcomes related to the conservation and the provision of the ecosystem services. As example is include to pay the upstream land managers who is to manage the watershed in ways that to protect the ecosystem services such as the flows of clean water, and also sharing profits from game reserves with surrounding landholders whose property is damaged by the game, and most recently paying landholders to increase or maintain the carbon stocks on their

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