Climate Change And Climate Change

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Deal with the Climatic Change is a challenge that follows our society for the last decade. This world issue is modifying and conditioning the nature. It is known that the glaciers are melting, the sea water level is increasing and the oceans are in a process of acidification. In the land is not better, the precipitation cycle is changing and there are dry areas becoming wetter and wetland in drought, besides all the natural hazards that are increasing in number and frequency the last few years. Nevertheless, the ecosystems are not the only affected, it also alters our life. Nature is our raw material and aliments source, among others. Thus, population’s food supply has been affected by Climate Change. The changes on world’s water conditions alter the four dimensions of food security; availability of aquatic foods, stability of supply, access to aquatic foods and utilization of aquatic products. With the habitats, stocks and species disturbed the variability of the food supply increase affecting fishing farmer’s activities and all the consumers (Background & Climate, 2008). Therefore, it is necessary to find a solution to endure world’s aquatic food consume, not only because the population’s growth but because the insecurity of natural sources. Aquaculture is known as the greatest solution against all the fisheries issues. However, the aquaculture is also affected by climate change and somehow also increases it. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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