Climate Change And Natural Disasters

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Within the past year, several violent hurricanes have swept through the United States’ east coast. Hurricanes have been begun to not only become increasingly larger in size and strength, but also more frequent within the last one-hundred years. Why is this happening? These monstrous storms occur due to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide being trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere; what scientists refer to as climate change. Climate change is defined as the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth. These rising temperatures are the drive of many natural disasters; including hurricanes. Hurricanes are the most dangerous, deadly, and costly natural disaster in history. Over time, temperatures will keep rising, causing worse storms to occur to try to compensate for the rising temperatures, making hurricanes even more violent than they already are. Climate change results in incessant hurricanes, which causes detrimental flooding, and is also damaging to the economy in the United States. Temperatures are the highest they have ever been in over three million years; these temperatures are projected to continue to climb over the next several years (Weeks). What does this have to do with hurricanes? Hurricanes are triggered by an increase in atmospheric moisture and warmer ocean temperatures (Tigay). The rising temperatures in the atmosphere have caused the ocean’s temperature to rise. The ocean needs to remain around a certain temperature, because of climate change the ocean
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