Pollution Essay: The Effects Of Climate Change Toward The Environment

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One of the greatest issues that we face towards the environment has been an increasingly difficult problem over the last few years. Earths climate is changing at rapid paces and solutions are needed as quickly as possible to replenish natural ecosystems and cultures that depend on the environment. Climate change not only affects the animals in our ecosystem, but us humans as well. With the human population increasing every year, climate change is only getting worse. Many argue that the effects of climate change towards the environment are due to other extraneous factors, however, I myself am a strong believer that the problems such as rising sea levels, warmer temperatures and natural disasters are all due to both natural causes and human activity. In this essay, I will discuss the different effects that climate change has on us and on the environment, evidently showing that climate change is one of the greatest epidemics of mankind.
Throughout Health, Illness, and Medicine in Canada written by Juanne Clarke, the problems of climate change are evident. Clarke (2016:66) describes climate change to be also termed as global warming, from which is due to “the production …show more content…

Discuss, using personal experience, available course material and supporting research literature.
For almost two years, I have been working part time at a factory, which produces paint for one of the largest paint sellers in the world, Glidden. The quality of these paint factories are greatly affected due to the several chemicals needed to produce these large amounts of paint barrels. My job was to fill up paint pails and then seal these pails and load them onto trucks that would come every two hours. The amount of chemicals needed to produce paint is a lot to take in, and in many cases, most of these chemicals have several negative effects to the human body as well the

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