Primary Cause Of Climate Change

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Climate Change, everyone has probably heard about it in the news or on the web, but what does it really mean and what causes Climate Change to happen? Earth has always cooled and heated itself by rotating around the sun but, scientist found that earth temperature has risen throughout the years, there are many causes of this change in temperature, and the question is who should we blame for this. In my opinion humans are the primary cause of Climate Change because we have incremented the gases in the earth atmosphere, cut down hectares of trees with little to no reforestation of them and caused many accidents that affect the tree population.

The first reason why I believe that humans are the primary cause of climate change is
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Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and any kind of fuel like wood, fire converts the oxygen into carbon dioxide, which will be converted into oxygen by the trees near the area and the ones that survived. Many of the wildfires that occur are production of camp fires, that people don’t properly put out when they go out camping. Most of the time, people camp in clear spot in the forest, most of those spots are full with dead grass which is a perfect fuel for a fire to start and expand, killing acres of trees and the houses near if the fires is not extinguished on time properly. All of this can happen just because a human was not being careful when putting out the campfire. In addition, Nasa held a scientific consensus and in this article many Organisation said their opinion on climate change, American Geophysical Union (AGU) said, “Human‐induced climate change requires urgent action. Humanity is the major influence on the global climate change observed over the past 50 years..” , this is just more evidence that many other scientific corporations also think that climate change is caused by humans. Everything on this planet has a cycle like how the planet cools and heats itself up by rotating in the sun’s orbit and the cycle of photosynthesis which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, many people might think it 's just another phase of a cycle but the human specie has…show more content…
Humans has been a major influence in all of this changes happening to the earth. We should start thinking on how to stabilized the earth temperature to its original
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