Climate Change Causes

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Climate Change, everyone has probably heard about it in the news or on the web, but what does it really mean and what causes Climate Change to happen? Earth has always cooled and heated itself by rotating around the sun but, scientist found that earth temperature has risen throughout the years, there are many causes of this change in temperature, and the question is who should we blame for this. In my opinion humans are the primary cause of Climate Change because we have incremented the gases in the earth atmosphere, cut down hectares of trees with little to no reforestation of them and caused many accidents that affect the tree population. The first reason why I believe that humans are the primary cause of climate change is the increment of gases in the atmosphere. An article that Nasa posted, written by California Institute of Technology stated that, “The planet 's average surface temperature has risen about 2.0 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 19th century”, this change is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other “human-made emissions”. Most of this gases like carbon dioxide, are absorbed by the trees and plants which will be converted into oxygen by a process called photosynthesis. If trees are cut down, what is going to make the oxygen for us. The fact that we live in a greenhouse doesn’t mean trees can’t go extinct. Food and Agriculture Organization’s 2016 State of the Forests report revealed that “7 million
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