Climate Change Causes

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Climate change and global warming have always been an issue, but in recent years, the global temperature has increased significantly. The main cause of climate change is the expansion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which are omitted by humans. Due to humans clearing land for agriculture and factories, this has increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere. The large amount of greenhouse gases in earth’s atmosphere, cause for heat to be trapped in the atmosphere more easily, which eventually leads to sea level rise, more evaporation, less precipitation, and overall, warmer weather conditions. Some regions will become dryer, due to less precipitation, while others become more wet, due to more than average rainfall. Furthermore, glaciers and ice caps are, and will continue to melt because of this increase in CO2 in our atmosphere. Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide, a vital element to the growth and nutrition of the plant, however since they are being cleared by humans, the excess carbon dioxide is unable to be absorbed by them. Therefore, creating an above average amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing the overall global temperature to increase, which then leads to a warmer climate. Humans have caused a great deal of harm to our planet and all the species that live within it. Most of the excess amount of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere is man’s own fault. Alongside carbon dioxide; water vapor, methane, and nitrous
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