Climate Change Has Negatively Affecting Canada

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Climate change is more serious than we take it. If it continues, everyone will parish. Climate change affects us in many different ways. It causes animal population numbers to decrease, slows down transportation to the north, and causes flooding and the rise of the sea level. Global warming exists, and it is not only affecting the environment. Many, many animals are going endangered and even extinct because of human caused climate changing. One of those notable examples is the polar bears, which only have a population of 20,000-25,000. The reason polar bears are going extinct is because warmer temperatures in the north is causing the ice caps to melt more, and in the summer, polar bears use the ice caps to travel to get food after hibernating. But if the ice caps melt too much and break away, then polar bears…show more content…
Ice road trucking is being affected by climate change because they depend on the lakes to stay frozen in order to take resources to mines and isolated villages. They’re already in potential danger but with temperatures decreasing it’s even more dangerous. Things need to be transported to the north to continue mining for things to help the economy. If ice roads stop, then planes would be leant on to travel items and goods, and planes are worse for the environment. Climate change will affect communities in the north by destroying the best way to transport things. Finally, the sea level rise and flooding is a big problem people-wise. Flooding causes millions in damage that sometimes cannot be reversed. Flooding is encouraged by climate change because of the increase in moisture trapped in the air, and rain happening earlier in the year and falling on still frozen ground. Houses being destroyed by increased water also leave people homeless and cost a lot to fix. Climate change will cause more natural disasters such as flooding, tornadoes and

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