Climate Change: How Far Has Climate Change Affected Biodiversity?

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Climate Change: How far has climate change affected biodiversity?
Climate change is an occurrence that can be related to the wide-spread phenomenon of global warming that has happened due to the rise in the average temperatures of the world because are emitting more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from many sources. Consequently, climate change is simple defining how different place around the world are experiencing different types of weather and how sometimes it can remain permanently.

Global Perspectives
1) China
Being the most populated country in the world, it has experienced a great deal of loss of biodiversity from many sources.
For instance, China is known for its great manufacturing industries that produce many hazardous gases and the recent changes in temperature, that are weird for China have contributed as the gases such as Nitrogen Oxide or Sulphur dioxide react with the high temperatures and produced a brown cloud over china's territory and this resulted in an increased photochemical smog then decreased sunlight falling on the surface affecting photosynthesis in plants and this has resulted in a major loss of biodiversity as many of the plants are not able to survive for a long time especially in the
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They can help to reduce flooding and keep away it's harmful impacts. The countries that are poor can also ask help from the other countries but that would place them in debt and that can be bad but if international organizations like the UN agree to help out these countries, they may able to counter the effects and help promote sustainability with their help. Nevertheless, this process may take a long time to gain the approval of the various members of the UN and in the meantime, the country may have already suffered great damage from climate

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