Climate Change In Bangladesh Essay

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Climate change is an imminent problem that human beings are facing and dealing with right now. Since the climate is related closely to human activities, any minor changes will cause big effects. For example, any disordered climate will bring uneven concentration to the region: some places will be rich in water causing flood while the other places will be lack of water causing Drought. This is just one of the example that climate change will bring. Climate change in Bangladesh is a pressing issue. Thus, In this essay, one central question will be asked: How has the Climate Change affected Plant and Animal in Bangladesh? There will be mainly three aspects: the unstable weather conditions lead to the extinction of some plants; The extinction of…show more content…
One of the world’s largest tiger populations could disappear by the end of this century as rising sea levels caused by climate change destroy their habitat along the coast of Bangladesh in an area known as the Sundarbans, according to a new World Wildlife Fund-led study published in the journal Climatic Change. (Poston, 1) According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its Fourth Assessment Report (2007), an 11-inch sea level rise may be realized around 2070, when tigers will be unlikely to survive in the Sundarbans. This will be a huge problem both to the local biodiversity and local animal amounts. Consequently, climate change could be the biggest reason why animal species is diminishing in an extensive rate year by year in…show more content…
Since climate change is happening right now and right here in Bangladesh with so many negative impacts, human beings should take actions to change the conditions of climate change to save local plants and animals. Although climate change can`t be stop instantly, but by reducing its spread speed, the world can be a better

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