Climate Change In California

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In California climate change brought with it higher temperatures than ever before. California faced record-breaking heat in June as valleys faced over a hundred degrees. But the temperatures are not what scares me, it is what happens because of the temperature. The shortage of water is a known problem within California. But with the escalating heat, the little water we have left won’t be able to last long. California’s dams are draining ever steadily, and with no snow, on the mountains, it doesn’t look as if the dams will be replenished. Climate change has brought with it higher temperatures in the summer so does that mean we won’t be seeing much rain this winter. The people of California can be ready for their water bill to go up as the shortage…show more content…
But climate change does not stop at increasing just the prices of water. Water is also used to generate electricity, and with a shortage of water, the power plant won’t be able to generate as much electricity, when water was abundant. Californian’s will, therefore, have to face with an increase in their electricity bill. But climate change doesn’t stop their either. The shortage of water has it, farmers, hard as well. Without enough water, farmers can grow as many of their crops as they used too. The shortage of crops leads to higher prices in the markets. Climate change also affects what type of vegetation the farmers can plant. Not all vegetation can flourish in higher temperatures. Therefore, Californians will have to import the vegetation that they lack from another country or state. Importing fruits and vegetables is not as cheap as growing them in state and selling them to the residents close…show more content…
The forest fires can burn the land and much more. The resulting damage of forest fires can cost over a million dollars to repair. Fighting fires require a lot of water which drains the dams and reserves in which California has tried so hard to keep. The hotter temperatures are also known to affect the health of the people because the high temperatures lead to higher smog levels and that can damage lungs and increase asthma in children. These health issues cannot be left alone and the fix to that is medicine. Medicine, however, is expensive to create and the high demand for such medicine will force companies to increase prices.
All of these are effects of climate change that contribute to the economic aspects of the typical Californian. The increase of the standard of living will affect everyone inhabiting California. Unfortunately, there is no way around the high prices, however, we can halt climate change from getting worse by decreasing greenhouse gasses, pollution and much

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