China Climate Change

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China’s Policies on Climate Change Climate change has become a global issue because it is an utmost overwhelming environmental problem faced by the people living on earth (Harris 2011). It is a serious warning informing the people living on planet earth that our mother earth is in trouble. The change in climate is due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases that cause global warming. Greenhouse gases absorb the heat released into the atmosphere and cause global warming (United States Environmental Protection Agency 2012). The reason that China is known to be the largest greenhouse gases emitter is due to its high population (Hung & Liu 2011). High amount of carbon dioxide and nitrous…show more content…
It acts as a foundation before introducing the other new policies and actions to deal with climate change by providing the aims, principles and strategies of China. The main objective of CNCCP is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in China and to do it by focusing on crucial areas such as energy creation and conversion, energy proficiency development and energy management, farming and forestry, manufacturing processes and wastes produced by the community as these are the areas which produce greenhouse gases. It also aims to promote the science and technology as well as research and development on climate change in China to a higher and more advanced level because by building up the roles of science and technology brings an advantage in controlling climate change in both regional and national level. Besides that, CNCCP also aims to raise consciousness and understanding in public so that the citizens of China would be alert about the consequences of climate change and do their own part to help control the emission of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, this program wishes to reinforce the organizations and instruments used on climate…show more content…
This law aims to increase the energy efficiency of the country and do a better job on conserving energy by promoting and support the research and development team on discovering new energy saving technologies and products. Besides that, it aims to cut down on emission that might cause pollution to the country. The target of the Energy Conservation Law is to construct an industrial system that can preserve energy so that it can bring positive effects to the country’s economic development and enhance the economic structure. It can also indirectly help reduce the emission of pollutants that harms the environment if unnecessary energy consumption is cut
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