Climate Change In Colombia

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Through this scientific paper it will be analyzed the main factors regarding the flooding occurred in Colombian especially during the second semester of 2010 and first semester in 2011. It was used information from different sources, especially with the main institutions in charge of climate changes in Colombia. This assignment will give a vision of how flood managements must be correlated with the Eco systemic procedures and management of resources of water all over the world.

Colombia has had different events in when has been affected by La Niña phenomenon, but the one happened in 2010 is by far the most critical event in history of the country. During this report, it will be necessary to identify the causes and effects of this
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This cooling caused considerable increase in rains in Colombia, especially in the Andean and Caribbean areas, which is the main effect associated with this weather phenomenon. Generally the phenomenon of "La Niña" happens and causes impacts that are opposite to those of "El Niño", which is characterized by the warming waters of the Pacific and trigger severe…show more content…
One of the ways in which "La Niña" has affected the economy is increasing prices of food.
The alterations in climate damages generated on agricultural production. For example, as shown in Table No. 1, flood loss generated by flood, 1,080,000 acres arable and drowning of approximately 115,000 head of cattle, which reduces agricultural production.
The reduction in supply triggers an increase in food prices, generating inflationary pressures, which in turn affects the majority of the population Colombian, even one that has not been directly affected by a natural disaster.
Additionally, to address the flooding emergency considerable amount of economic resources, either for humanitarian care, rehabilitation or reconstruction of infrastructure affected by the floods means. In accordance with the provisions of the National Development Plan 2010-2014, to address the flood emergency, the national government has estimated resources valued at $ 25.8 billion at the constant 2010 is required, which represents about 18% of the overall national budget for 2011.

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