Climate Change In Georgia Research Paper

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Georgia’s spontaneous climate changes Georgia, as we all know, isn’t the most ideal place to live if you enjoy a constant climate year round. In Georgia you have the luxury of enjoying all four seasons in one twenty- four hour time span. Only a few other places such as Alabama, Tennessee, and other southern states experience these irregular weather patterns. Summer time in Georgia is perhaps the most persistent when it comes to the climate; it’s always hot like an oven when it’s being used to cook cookies for your child’s birthday party. Being outside for just a few minutes will leave you feeling like an obese individual after running a marathon. The humidity helps add to this already intolerable heat wave by encouraging every insect to come out of its home, whether it is in the ground, the trees, or even the water, and fly into your eyes, ears, and mouth just to make you even more frustrated as if you weren’t already. Also if you attempt to look up into the sky you will end up dazzled by the sheer intensity of the sun’s rays. Not to mention those rays will turn you red as a lobster if you’re not careful, so put on an ungodly amount of sunscreen.
Now winter in Georgia is most likely the second-most persistent when it comes to the climate; it’s always cold as the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean when the Titanic sunk. If
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It all depends on what Mother Nature wants to happen that year. Fall and spring can behave how they’re supposed to or they can just pick the world up and drop it on its head. One day its cold like winter and the next hot like summer. If everything goes according to plan, then the temperature for fall will go from warm to cool and usually be quite windy. On the other hand spring is from cool to warm and usually has that nice warm ocean breeze that everyone loves. However, this is very rare since this is Georgia we are talking about here, so this happens about every vernal equinox and autumnal
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