Climate Change Environmental Impact

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Pope Francis S.J. argues that climate change has become a global issue with a plethora of negative effects on our way of life. Although the environmental implications of climate change are extremely well known, many are completely oblivious to its harsh economic effects. As climate change continues to intensify these effects will not only cause mass hysteria around the world but will also cause major complications for the common home. As climate change worsens, its effects on the economy will begin to take shape. The enormous and more frequent storms which are a result of climate change will continue to damage infrastructure and people’s homes, drought and a hotter environment will damage crop and food production, and the increased rate of…show more content…
However, one of the lesser understood and studied effects of climate change, is the re-emergence of deadly diseases that pose an enormous threat to the well being of our economy. As climate change continues to intensify, polar ice caps and frozen landscapes continue to melt. However what many people overlook, is the fact that there lies a large number of diseases and bacteria frozen within that ice. As the climate intensifies, the risk of these diseases reemerging increases significantly. This means deadly ancient diseases such as the black plague or smallpox may reemerge similarly to the 18th and 19th centuries. Although our medical technologies have far advanced since that time period an outbreak of such diseases would inevitably challenge the general population and have an immense effect on the economy. Americans currently pay trillions of dollars per year on health care usually at least a few thousand per household. In our current economy, the middle and lower class struggles significantly while trying to balance their budgets around housing, education, food and other costs. With the outbreak of deadly diseases due to climate change, not only will the common home be stricken with sickness but it will also suffer major economic hardship as a result. A large portion of family incomes will be advocated medical bills they are unable to afford. This will…show more content…
These environmental effects are extremely worrisome to the general public and have been highly detrimental to various economies. Climate change has often been pushed aside and considered a hoax or insignificant to many however as economies begin to suffer due to its effects people will begin to be directly affected. The dangers of climate change pose a threat to the infrastructure and housing of specific regions as it causes massive storms that can damage these buildings,it also decimates crops and causes massive droughts hurting the entire food supply drastically, and as the climate begins to melt icecaps, deadly diseases and bacteria will be released into the general public. All three of these effects of climate change are huge threats to the economies of the world and is currently the biggest threat to the common
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