Climate Change Rhetorical Analysis

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Climate Change is a nomenclature for all that is affiliated to the climate and more, weirdly enough... our existence. You 'd thought climate and existence shouldn 't be marinated together in such a kung ho disorientation, I say this in the knowledge that the homo-sapien has survived for 5 million years in which time seismic Climate Change (s) have taken place. The Industrial Age wasn 't the reason and it 'll surprise Warmists that nature 's ecologist data is in sync with weather patterns of today. Nature doesn 't spring up differing climate patterns at a whim, so why call it 'Change? ' Politicians should be at the COP21/CMP11 but Oceanologists; purely to discuss with clarity the next stage. I 'm more concerned with political whims than I am …show more content…

I 'm not usually stunned by opinion regardless of how delusional the foundation of it is, but even the hardened polemist may wince at the vehement aimed at global warming skeptics / deniers. Debate is a wonderful thing if it is about interpretations surrounding water tight credible data; I crave for hard evidence - herewith, while seeking it the waters become murky and the rhetoric shifts onwards to comparisons you 'll never dream of... A war veteran 's letter illustrates this point with bells on. "Propaganda by global-warming skeptics and deniers remind me of 1944, when as an Army officer I saw living skeletons in striped pajamas. Horror stories about Nazi concentration camps suddenly rang true. I wondered how intelligent people could commit such atrocities. History records the effectiveness of Joseph Goebbells 's propaganda. I hope Al Gore and others can prevail over today 's anti-science propaganda." The years may 've drained away at logical and comparative thinking here; albeit, it is exactly the tact political minds endeavour and adopt in to impose this propaganda, when credible data and reasoning is asked / demanded of, to make vital decisions. The bellicose tend to adopt an invalid stance / comparative to

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