Pollution Essay: The Consequences Of Global Warming

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One of the most important problems to this day is global warming. Global warming is the gradual warming of the Earth's surface and the lowest layers of the atmosphere caused by the greenhouse effect, which leads to global climate change. Climate has been changing since the Earth's past, but it is also considered that the current global warming is due to increased emissions of greenhouse gases. The last 100 years have seen the largest increases in temperature over the past 1300 years. People do not know how much they pollute the environment and what catastrophic consequences their actions could possibly bring. One the main consequences of global warming is the rising sea level, which can flood many coastal towns and villages, especially islands. It can also bring about an increased number of adverse weather conditions in many parts of the world with such damaging effects to habitats, animals and peoples. These natural disasters are but not limited to cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes. In addition, higher climate temperatures can also cause negative effects on…show more content…
In order to prevent further detrimental effects of global warming and the greenhouse effect, developed countries have been able to reduce the release of greenhouse gases by 5.2% compared with 1990. It is a protocol of the United Nations, which was adopted in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and was promoted in Kyoto later on. The protocol stipulates that developed countries have to pay and provide the technology to underdeveloped countries with little to no environmental regulation to prevent climate

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