Argument Against Climate Change

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Introduction Climate change is an ongoing problem that needs everyone’s attention in order to combat it and to adapt to it. Climate change has been defined as ‘a significant change in the climate that a region experiences’. (Ask about Ireland, 2014). Over the course of two hundred years, humans have impacted the Earth leaving its biosphere in a perilous state. There are many things that happen during climate change. The oceans are warming leaving the glaciers to melt, and overall the world’s natural state is disappearing. If that wasn’t enough, the population is constantly growing. ‘Human activity is causing irreversible harm to the climate system and environment’ so it should be up to each human to help to combat it and adapt to it. (Cao, 2008). It is imperative to act now against climate change, while we still can.…show more content…
the rich countries should be responsible for the costs associated with combatting climate change. There have been many debates on this subject matter in the past. Some people have the opinion that all countries should be responsible to pay for the costs associated with climate change, but developed countries have been recognised as principally responsible for the levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere so it should be their responsibility to fund the fight against climate change. (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2014). Although developed countries are largely responsible, climate change can have disastrous consequences for any country so it should be a global problem as it is going to need global participation to solve. I will argue that many countries are setting agendas to prevent climate change so with these initiatives, countries should not be worried about the costs associated with the consequences of climate change as with these initiatives, the problem of climate change could be reduced drastically leaving the costs associated with combatting it
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