Climate Change: The Negative Effects Of Global Warming

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For centuries, human beings have treated the planet as a never ending resource, to be utilized and squandered at will. They had never cared about the changes, or more precisely, the damages occurred towards the environment by destroying trees, burying the seas and ruining the surface of the earth. Recent years, shown how people have realized about the connection between climate change and sea level rise caused by global warming in various spots and there is a price to be paid for negative effects. Based on the Random House (Dictionary), global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere, which effects human's living, animal's living, and plant's growth. Venice is one of the spots, which faced sea level…show more content…
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change in (2001), the burning of fossil fuels and other human and natural activities has released enormous amounts of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. This mean, these emissions have caused the Earth's surface temperature to rise, and the oceans absorb about 80 percent of this additional heat. However, some scientists opposed the statement that human activities are reason behind the observable fact of sea level rise, According to William M. Gray, “natural variations are the cause of periodic global temperature increases and human kind has nothing to do with the temperature changed”. That shows, the changes in natural phenomena such as solar radiation produced most of warming and had a small cooling effect afterward. Despite that, Subsidence in Venice is caused by both natural and manmade factors. The last IPCC report forecasts a rise of up to 59 cm in sea level rise by the end of this century, due to thermal expansion and melting glaciers. Thermal expansion technically, when water heats up, it expands. Approximately half of the past century's rise in seal level is attributable to warmer oceans merely occupying more…show more content…
When large storms hit land, higher sea level mean bigger, more powerful storm surges that could strip away everything in their path. Besides that, hundreds of millions of people live in areas that will become immensely vulnerable. Higher sea levels would force them to abandon their homes. People of Venice should not blame for the sea level rise due to climate change, but also the government should handle a part of it. Both of them should help because there are no international treaties or additional national laws required to start changing. We can start to change our consciousness immediately. Therefore, human beings should not be blamed for the entire problem, but they have to wake up their consciousness to curb the problem in perspective of human

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