Climatic Characterization Of Hamlet

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In Hamlet, Shakespeare utilizes the characterization of the ghost of King Hamlet to convey significant and climatic messages to the protagonist who, based on the information that is provided, carries out major plot-shifting developments. This leads the reader to make the connection to all that the protagonist does within the text and the initial meeting between the younger and elder Hamlet. It could be fairly speculated that the actions that are taken by the ghost of King Hamlet 's character bring about the death of five separate people, all of whom died with different relations to King Hamlet. The ghost 's appearance sets the revenge plot into motion, but it also delays the play 's action. Shakespeare uses this method of solemnity-based…show more content…
Throughout the tragedy, the reader is lead to assume that the aspiration is sent from hell due to general Shakespearean ways. The reader witnesses Hamlet 's internal struggle and is quickly persuaded by the ghost to believe his tale of the death of Hamlet 's father. This scene is what sparks revenge and leaves Hamlet going mad. Also, take in consideration the credibility of his source of information. While Hamlet has no doubt that the information provided is accurate and significant, so to allow the actions taken in the book to occur as they did. As, the aspiration only appears to be “passing through” at the beginning of the play, Hamlet is essentially left to himself to interpret this information and cannot return to the source of information for insight or clarity. Due to Hamlet being so young, he is easily manipulated and results in him acting on behalf of another character (or ghost) and he is doing what he understands to be the right thing. Confucius said “ If you embark on a journey of revenge dig two graves”. Hamlet never had no intention to take himself out in order to succeed in his revenge but in this tragedy readers witnesses the revenge being the death of Hamlet. Not only did Hamlet set out in the journey of

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