Climb Everest Persuasive Speech

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Climbing Everest might be dangerous. It might not be dangerous. You will only find out if you climb Mount Everest, which is the highest peak in the world and one of the Seven Summits. Well, if you need a reference on climbing Mount Everest, this is it. I strongly believe that you should climb Everest. You learn lots of skills from training to climb Everest. You can also earn money by summiting the great mountain. Lastly, you get to see an amazing view from being at the summit. Do you think that Everest is safe? I’ll tell you now why you should climb Everest. First, you can learn many skills just from the training to climb Everest. Imagine the skills you would learn on the mountain. In the video strip produced by NBC News, “Dateline: Into The Death Zone,” Shriya Shah has a lifelong dream to summit Everest. She once lived in Kathmandu, where she was born, and was going to go climb Everest. There was just one problem. She had never climbed before. Her training was walking and hiking small hills but nothing intense. All the…show more content…
So climb on up and grab them. According to the article, “Mount Everest calls, but some sherpa guides say they will not climb again,” it states “A sherpa can make up to $6,000 for reaching the top of Mount Everest.” If a sherpa is able to make $6,000 for summiting Mount Everest, how much can a climber make? It is unknown except for the climbers who actually summited but it is estimated at $3,500 by Katherine Tarbox of She climbed Everest and earned about this. As you can see, the money you earn is your prize of completing a great accomplishment, and a lifelong memory. For all the money that you must spend to climb the mountain, you don’t get a lot back for the summit, but it brings some, very little money home. That money can be used for anything, not towards the mountain, also. If you think that the money is worth it from when you summit, then go
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