Climbing Mount Everest

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Climbing Mount Everest is a good for the climber because there are various techniques and equipment to help people climb the mountain and get to the summit. According to the textbook, Geography Alive! Regions and People, Climbers have to acclimatize, or adjust, to the mountains high altitude so they do not risk the chance of getting any altitude sickness, so it reduces your risk of getting ill (pg. 420). Climbers also use special equipment like crampons and ropes to make it easier to climb the mountain and get you to the summit easily (pg. 424). These examples are expressed in the book of Peak in chapter 27 peak has to climb over the same ice wall to get to Camp 4 and they had to use ropes to get over the wall. On page 211, the book says , “yogi had thrown a rope over the side for us to use… The same routine. But in a strange way the climb was easier… “ This goes to show that the equipment that the climbers use is to make a trip to the summit of the mountain less treacherous and the more you climb the stronger you get.
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