Advantages And Disadvantages Of Climbing A Mountain

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The risk people would take for an adrenaline rush, the feeling of accomplishing something on your own or in a group, something bigger than yourself. Most people would go for sledding on a mountain with family, but others think about climbing a mountain, something more dangerous than just going down it. There are many very unique sports, but most would go for mountain climbing, but not just any mountain its most likely mount. Everest.
The idea of climbing something so tall, something bigger than yourself, you never know what could happen as you climb a mountain. Mount Everest is the mountain most energetic, sporty type of people would go for, the climb is long and very dangerous. In my opinion, the idea of climbing Mount Everest is not the
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Everest isn’t the best, and it was another dangerous factor that added to mountains dangers. This was discovered and got the attention of a man named Russell Brice, who was worried about the temperature on the Mountain Everest. There was a serious concern from Russell Brice about the giant glacial ice three hundred yards wide that was attached to Everest west shoulder, that was hanging over the main ascent route. The concern for others lives as they climbed Mount Everest was high since the incidents that had occurred there became a unexpected disaster on Mount Everest. In source #2 the sentence stated that “ Two years later, the same bulge of ice that had so concerned Russell Brice let loose with an overhanging wedge of ice that swept down to a slope below in chunks the size of trucks. The falling ice hit twenty-five men, killing sixteen of them, all Nepalis. Three of the bodies were buried beneath the debris and were never recovered”. The idea and thought of doing a sport that most people look forward to, could potentially end their or others lives with just one slip or one fault in the path. Mount Everest don’t think about the consequences until it 's too late. We aren’t all that athletic, but those who are participating in the most dangerous or insane sports known to man, climbing Mount Everest isn’t safe, but not many people listen to the warnings cause they don’t to think about what could possibly go

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