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The present paper focuses on climbers of Valsad taluka. . It consists of total 21 families belonging 45 genera and 61 species. Cucurbitaceae, Fabaceae, Convolvulaceae are the dominant families of Climbers in Valsad taluka. Climbers comprise a large and important sector of ornamental horticulture and agriculture. They also play very important role in medicine, edible, and multiple purposes as well of as economic value. A list of the Botanical names, Families, Common name, Mode of Climbing were given in present paper.
Key Words: Valsad taluka,Climbers.
Climbing plants are one of the most interesting group and these climbers contribute mainly to the attraction of our landscapes by the manner in which they climb over trees, shrubs,
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They vie with trees for both above and below ground resources significantly decreasing the growth rates retarding renewal of tree seedlings and sprout. Climbing habit is a wonderful example of measure of nature. It allocate a plant to attain maximum exposure to sunlight, water and nutrients with minimum expense in vegetation support.
They occur in all forested ecosystem of world although high climbers play important ecological role in forest ecosystem dynamics and functioning. They add sustainability to awning closure after tree fall and help to stabilize the microclimate underneath. Climbers also form an necessary part of diet of many animals in times of soratage of flowers and fruits.
Climbers comprise a large and important sector of ornamental horticulture. some play in very important role in medicine and agriculture. Besides, if left uncontrolled some climbers can block drain pipes, gutters on buildings while some can do serious damage to structure or tree them are adhering to. In spite of many roles climbers play in ecosystem, as medicines in horticulture and agriculture. Not much attention has been paid to them, Only a few studies are carried out on

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