Medical Clinic Observation

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My Scandlon Sports Medicine Clinic observation took place on Tuesday, February 13th, from 1pm to 3pm, and my preceptors were Aaron Hand and Timothy Kulpa. I Observed three different treatments that day in the clinic. They were all interesting, and all very different.
The first treatment I observed was an evaluation on a Track & Field Athlete, he was actually an athletic training student himself. He said he was feeling a sharp pain in his right lower back. He also, explained that he had the pain in his left lower back at first but then the pain traveled to his right side. He did not take any Ibuprofen for the pain at all, and he only felt the pain when trying to fully bend over, for example; to pick something from the floor, or touch his toes.
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He had a follow up appointment with in the Athletic Training Clinic, however the athletic training student, and Tim were a little upset with him because he came in not wearing the knee brace that was given to him. The patient said the brace was annoying, and it was hard for him to put the brace on under his jeans. Tim explained to me and the athletic training students that were in the clinic, that the patient’s injury was very serious, and that it was very important that he kept the brace on at all times. The brace was going to help his knee stay in place, so it was not moving around too much, and cause more damage to the patients’ injury. Tim tried to explain this to the patient; however, the patient still told him how uncomfortable the brace was for him. The doctor was in the facility at the time, and took a look at him. They got him a new brace that could go over his jeans, and crutches to go with them. The athletic training student that was in charge of the patient at the time did a good job in explaining to me that they can say and do all they can, but they cannot force him to wear the brace. Which just shows not all patients are going to cooperate with you
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