Clinical Competence In Nursing Education

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The competent of nurses in clinical setting can be perform encounters their knowing and also requires doing. Evidence of being clinically competent includes of encountering, knowing, performing, maturing and improving (Lejonqvist et al., 2011), the authors explain that encountering, maturing, knowing and performing is referring to clinical competence growth whereas improving is refer to how clinical competence was refined. Thus, it is argued that clinical competence of an individual is shows on the process of an individual informal learning in practice. To integrate of the findings, the authors (ibid, 2011) highlighted two categories of clinical competence which is ontological and contextual clinical competence for implication in nursing education. Ontological clinical competence should be obtained during the education, whereas contextual clinical competence reached after experiencing their practice. This explains that, during the learning process trainee nurses are able to underpin their knowledge based on the understanding of their job scope, and later knowledge they carried would developed in the specific context which transform to experience during their clinical practice. Clinical competence consists of assessment and intervention skills as well as…show more content…
This is the beginning process for the trainee nurses to start developing their contextual clinical competencies and it is depends on their clinical placement as well as supportive environment received in shaping individual values and especially clinical skills. Based on view of clinical competence literature, it is evidence that clinical skills is an important of acquiring clinical competence which consisting of clinical skills which includes knowledge, critical thinking skills, clinical decision making and clinical
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