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Dr. Song,
Clinical Decision Support has been defined as a “process for enhancing health-related decisions and actions with pertinent, organized clinical knowledge and patient information to improve healthcare, as well as, healthcare delivery (Campbell & CPHIMS, 2013). Clinical Decision-supporting tools are utilized to manage and support patient care. Healthcare information systems and information-retrieval systems are tools that manage information. There are various programs that provide custom tailored assessments or advice based on sets of patient specific data (Musen, Middleton, & Greenes, 2014, p. 701). Decision tools may follow simple logics (such as algorithms), may be based on decision theory, cost benefit analysis, or may use numerical approaches only as an adjunct to symbolic problem solving (Musen, Middleton, & Greenes, 2014, p. 701). At my place of employment, there is an alert in the system for the veterans who are on Coumadin. This is a clinical decision support tool to notify a provider that this patient is on Coumadin and a list of criteria to follow. In addition, these veterans are followed by a pharmacist to manage an adequate Coumadin levels.

Evidence-based practice
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Because errors, particularly adverse events, are caused by the cumulative effects of smaller errors within organizational structures and processes of care, focusing on the systemic approach of change focuses on those factors in the chain of events leading to errors and adverse events. From a systems approach, avoidable errors are targeted through key strategies such as effective teamwork and communication, institutionalizing a culture of safety, providing patient-centered care, and using evidence-based practice with the objective of managing uncertainty and the goal of improvement (p.

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