Clinical Depression

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Teenagers around the world have days when they simply do not feel like taking part in any sort of activity. This is considered a perfectly normal phenomenon during the rough time of adolescents. However, it is when that feeling of extreme laziness and sadness remains in a teen that it becomes a problem. This is the clinical disorder known widely as depression. As long as the human race has existed, depression has manifested itself in their minds, particularly in the teenage populus. There has always been the “moody teen” problem, but clinical depression takes it a step further. As Lydia Bjornlund, author of Depression, states, “Experts believe that more than half of all people suffering from depression do not get proper treatment.” (Bjornlund…show more content…
This is due to the hormonal changes one undergoes during adolescence, which often results in haphazard mood swings. However, clinical depression is not just a mood swing. It circulates the life of the teen, and the it does relinquish over time. As Mark Boshnack, author of The Daily Star says, “The problem generally lasts more than a few days and includes changes in behavior, including lack of sleep and appetite. It often manifests itself as irritability” (Boshnack N.p). This is how clinical depression starts. Next, it attacks the teen’s social life, and forces onto them a feeling of hopelessness. This may lead to darker thoughts, often of suicide, or hurting him or herself. Depression finds a way to manifest itself into teens in various regards, as Bjornlund explains, “Most experts believe that depression is caused by a combination genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychological factors.” (Bjornlund 29). Teens going through depression are more likely to commit suicide, cut (which is inflicting pain on oneself via knife or other sharp object), and do drugs, than the average teenager. As specified by Elizabeth Manar of Cengage Learning, “A person cannot just “snap out” of a medical depression.” (Depression N.p.). This is by far most important reason why depression in teens must be sought after. Depression is unlike the common flu, which runs…show more content…
This is the time in a person’s life that they inherit far too much responsibility, and school starts to be taken seriously. Out of all of this, depression seizes its chance to attack a defenceless teenager, forcing him or her into the clinical disorder known as depression. For this ever-growing problem to stop, teenagers should be monitored by their parents or guardians more frequently, schools should decrease on the amount of stress that they give students, and society should consider finding help brave, not timid. If the human race could come together and attack depression head on, it would be elementary to stop depression from taking over the lives of teenagers. A world without depression is a world where there can actually be happiness found in
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