Clinical Environment In Nursing

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The term clinical environment defines the conditioazsxns in which medical staff – nurses, doctors, technicians, and patients work together for the behalf of patients. It includes all the surrounding technique, rooms and laboratories. Safety clinical environment suggests careful monitoring of patients’ condition, rooms with perfect hygiene and all precautions taken for every possible situation that can occur. The term consists of many areas of clinical safety – chemical, fire safety and emergency response, biological safety and of course competence in all aspects of Human Health. It is very important that anyone attending a medical facility has the proper training for risk management so errors that might concern both patients and medical staff are lowered to a minimum. Such kind of training must consist of learning about different causes of mistakes and designing the right approaches for a quick response. Most of the incidents, occurring in clinics are due to poor judgment of the situation and wrong decisions at the wrong time. They include mostly medication errors, equipment problems and chemical intoxication.…show more content…
This is because from all the medical staffs they experience the highest number of contacts with patients thus they get tired faster than others. Statistics show that nurses take more relaxing sedatives than almost any other profession! In other words said nurses are subjected to more stress, which can easily turn into doing more mistakes some of which can be fatal. That’s why it is very important that nurses are well prepared for maintaining safety environment so both them and their patients can have nice and safe conditions to work and

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