Variations In Clinical Epidemiology

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Epidemiology is basically study of variations in the occurrence of disease and why such variations should occur. Almost every disease shows some variation in its occurrence. Even when a disease occurs for the first time in a population, it affects some individuals and does not affect some other individuals. This variation in the occurrence of disease may be because of differences in age, sex, occupation, socioeconomic status, water supply, environmental conditions, behavior etc of the individuals. An important aspect of epidemiology is to carefully observe these variations in disease occurrence and then try to find out the reasons for these variations. This may lead to the understanding of the causal mechanisms involved in the disease process.…show more content…
Now it has applications in every branch of medicine and every aspect of human life. Clinical epidemiology Clinical epidemiology is a basic science for clinical medicine. Clinical epidemiology is the application of epidemiological principles and methods to problems encountered in clinical medicine. Clinical medicine & Epidemiology began together. The founders of epidemiology were most part clinicians. For example the great epidemiologist John Snow was an anesthetist. It is only during the past several decades that the two drifted apart. In recent years, clinicians and epidemiologists have become increasingly aware that their fields interrelate and clinical epidemiology began to…show more content…
For example the 3 definitions quoted above reflect the evolution of the concepts and applications of epidemiology over the years. In most definitions of epidemiology, the 3 terms, Determinants, Distribution and Disease frequency are used directly or indirectly. In John M Last’s definition of epidemiology (may not be the last definition of epidemiology!) the two terms ‘states’ (prevalence) or ‘events’ (incidence) represent the term ‘disease frequency’. Since these 3 terms determinants of disease, distribution of disease and disease frequency are important basic terms in epidemiology, a brief description of them is given. Determinants of disease There are many determinants of disease or factors involved in the causation of disease and they can be conveniently classified under 3 headings (Epidemiological
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