Clinical Interview Reflection

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My experience in the client role was very eye-opening and helped me to gain a lot of insight about what it is like to endure a clinical interview. Overall, the interview went very well and my clinician had a lot of strengths that helped things to go very smoothly. At first, I was somewhat intimidated to be in this role. While knowing that this participation was completely imaginary and done solely for a project, I still had some trouble with accepting the fact that I was about to portray a character with mental illness. However, thanks to the preparedness of the clinician, I felt very comfortable going through the interview with my prepared answers. The environment in which our interview was conducted made it easy for me to answer her questions and talk to her, and…show more content…
One weakness was that she took very long pauses while conducting the interview with me. These pauses not only occurred between modules of the interview, but also in between questions within the same module. This left for several moments of awkwardly long silence, which may have in turn contributed to the awkwardness of the interview that I had mentioned earlier. Another weakness that I saw in my clinician was in her organization skills. Her interview forms were not in the correct order, so there were times when there were long pauses between modules because she was looking for the correct next page. While discussing these weaknesses, I am taking into mind that they are minor flaws and that no one in any of the roles (client or clinician) are professionals in this work. However, I would recommend that these are things that she may want to improve on if she were to do a project like this again in the future. However, I thought that my clinician's strengths outweighed her weaknesses overall. The strengths of my clinician are what I believe contributed to a successful interview and made my experience as a client a positive
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