Clinical Issue Analysis

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During nursing practice, a nurse faces several clinical issues. This paper aims at selecting and reviewing a clinical issue for further study to be made in the final year project along with the significance of selection. It also provides guideline to resolve this problem.
Clinical Issue Analysis
Nursing requires a proper and suitable approach for effective and influential practices. However, in hospitals of US, nurses have been facing different clinical issues (Sharifcorresponding & Masoumi, 2005). The most important issue that is needed to be resolved is the cultural competence. Cultural competence exists in all the organisations and this increases the efficiency of organisations. Similarly, this has become a major factor in the health care system of US hospitals. However, the selection of this clinical issue has been made because of the severely negative impacts of cultural competence, which are increasing with the passage of time.
Cultural competence gives rise to the cultural diversity. Although, diversity is essential, as it generates numerous new ideas, but this also increases the quarrels between and among staff. As projected by Bednarz and his folowers (2010) nurses, who are
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Clinical practice guidelines are known as the finest and most significant foundations of efforts, which are used for improving health care by reducing all the affected issues. There is the fundamental relationship between clinical guideline and issue that has been mentioned above. This provides a pattern of taking decision to the management for generating a healthy competition, which is beneficial for patients, staff, and hospital. To reduce the problems of diversity, quarrels, and cross cultural communication due to the cultural competence, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and National League for Nursing (NLN) has been focussing on clinical guidelines (Bakos & Brown,

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