Clinical Leadership Reflection

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The score of my baseline clinical leadership survey indicates that I exhibit decent clinical leadership in my nursing practice, but I feel that this survey does not cover all the qualities and behaviours that make a successful clinical leader. The LPI indicates that I need major improvement to my “encouraging the heart” practice; I would really like to learn how to improve in this area as it seems like a fairly simple thing to do, yet I fail to do it in my nursing practice. I would also like to continue to build upon areas where I currently demonstrate strengths, as excellence in clinical practice is necessary to be an effective leader. Specifically I would like to focus on ways to improve upon my reflective practice techniques, and ability…show more content…
I have selected four weekly journals to include as they best reflect my successes and struggles to grow as a clinical leader this year. The first journal documents my completion of a leadership style assessment, in order to identify my current leadership style, I felt that this was important, as I need to know what/how/ or if I am currently demonstrating leadership qualities in my clinical practice in order to grow. The second journal is a reflection on the class content of emotional intelligence and how it is a necessary leadership skill and can help improve my weaknesses in the area of “encouraging the heart”. The third journal is a reflection on my frustrations and issues in attempting to identify examples of leadership with in my clinical practice. Finally, the fourth journal documents the results of my week 8 clinical leadership survey and the ways my views on clinical leadership have transformed over the past 6…show more content…
The intention of the model is to identify the facilitators and barriers to change; the model refers to forces that promote and drive change as “driving” while referring to forces that prevent or impede change as “static” (Sutherland, 2013, p.4) The first step towards change is unfreezing, and begins when an individual becomes aware of the need to make changes, identifying the areas that need change, and the specific reasons for that change (Kelly & Quesnelle, 2016) During this stage one needs to identify the driving and restraining forces behind their desire to change in order to recognize potential barriers to the process. In order for successful personal and/or professional change to occur the positive driving forces must out weight the negative restraining forces. (Sutherland,
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