Clinical Nurse Reflective Essay

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Commander and Board Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist of an Inpatient Operations Squadron that included: Intensive Care Unit, Multi-Surgical Unit, Labor & Delivery, Post-Partum, Anti-partum and Behavioral Health Unit. The squadron was a combination of military, civilian and VA employees. I incorporated the use of evidence-based research and treatment plans/protocols in all departments to improve the efficiency of nursing practice. I directly advised the Group Commander, Chief of Medical Services, Chief Nurse Executive, Patient Safety, and Quality Services daily.

I daily enforced Unit Effectiveness Inspection standards and The Joint Commission Standards. I taught Emergency Medical Technicians refresher courses: airway compromise and rescue, cardiac emergencies biannually to 3 squadrons. I was the go-to Medical Group vertical inspection expert, reviewed 5 Commander Inspection Programs, identified deficiencies and set path to correction. I was the Squadron’s Management Internal Control Toolset Quality Assurance manager, initiating annual evaluations, taught 9 experts for 4 units,
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I rounded daily with every department (ICU, MSU, PNU, L&D, BHU) and met every patient. I would receive report from each department Charge Nurse and CNS (who was also novice). I spot checked documentation in the Essentris computerized charting and randomly would check on drug administration. I was involved with disease and discharge management and followed up on all referral consults and processes. I would meet with every CNS quarterly and work on their clinical challenges and also what Process Improvement Projects they were currently working on. I stressed daily training, clinical development and incorporation of evidence-based
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