Clinical Performance In Nursing

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2. Subjects and Methods 2.1. Operational definition: Clinical performance in this study refers to student achievement during the clinical training. It can be measured through two main items: First, assessment of the clinical procedure skills using observational checklist during the final practical exam. Second, assessment of the supportive clinical skills including: nursing care plan, communication, clinical reasoning/ problem solving, professional & ethical conduct and oral/written presentations. 2.2. Research design: Descriptive correlational research design was followed in the present study. 2.3. Setting: This study was conducted at faculty of nursing, Benha University, affiliated to ministry of higher education. 2.4. Subjects: The study…show more content…
The scale consists of 33 items, which are rated on a five-point Likert scale that ranges from 1 (never) to 5 (always). SSEIT includes three components which are appraisal and expression of emotions (13 items), regulation of emotions (10 items) and utilization of emotions (10 items). The total SSEIT score ranged from 33 to 165. The subject is considered to have low EI (33 to 77), moderate EI (78 to 121) and high EI (122-165). The scale items were randomly distributed in order to avoid leading sentences. The items distributed according to the following…show more content…
Second tool: evaluation of clinical performance: it composed of two main parts: i. Part I: Performance checklist for different obstetrics and gynecologic nursing procedures which is developed by obstetrics and women health nursing department at faculty of nursing/Benha University. It contains checklists for all obstetrics and gynecological nursing procedures in (antenatal, labor, post-partum, gynecology and family planning). The total score is calculated from 20. ii. Part II: Supportive clinical performance skills. It was developed by the researchers after reviewing of the related literature to evaluate students’ supportive clinical performance skills. It includes five components, which are nursing care plan (5 items), communication (4items), clinical reasoning/ problem solving (5items), professional & ethical conduct (8items), and oral/written presentations (7 items). Each item rated on a five-point Likert scale that ranges from 1 (never) to 5 (always).The total score of 29 items ranged from 29 to 145. 2.6. Tools validity and

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