Clinical Pharmacist Role

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Theme 1 – Role of clinical pharmacist
Participants described that the role of clinical pharmacist is essential in the medical team. Most of the participants stated that the role of clinical pharmacists is vague and need more clarifications. Some participants believed that owing to the new field of clinical pharmacy services, many healthcare providers lack the awareness of the role of clinical pharmacist.
"…I think sometimes the role of clinical pharmacist is not identified, because there is a difference between clinical pharmacist and pure pharmacist. There is a huge difference, so, we need to identify it in order to utilize them." (R2)
However, all participants agreed about the importance of clinical pharmacists’ role as they improve the
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"In critical areas, the level of clinical pharmacist should be high! Even you get a resident and charged him in ICU he will be shaking and cannot give any advice! But someone who is well experienced won’t do that! So, in ICU the level is vital! In the ward, we are trying to help them to mature as they help us but ICU should be high!" (C1)
Subspecialty build focused clinical pharmacists that can help in the department they are involved with. The distribution of clinical pharmacists are not equal as they tend to be sub-specialized in some departments leading to deficiencies and shortage in several areas more than others. Many physicians expect clinical pharmacists to be around during rounds and participate within defined limits.
“One of the problem I think is the lack of some subspecialized clinical pharmacists. I think it is only by interest as far as I know, so, it is not by training. So, knowledge about the expectation from clinical pharmacist, as they are not expected to manage the patient fully but expected to provide data with regard to their knowledge and field.”
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This issue prevented to utilize clinical pharmacists effectively in healthcare team. Similarly, one research group [22] found that team members felt the role of pharmacists is unclear which resulted in misunderstanding and building barriers that hindered the providence of clinical pharmacy services. When the role was clarified, the pharmacists was capable to be involved effectively in multidisciplinary team for the patient care. This finding suggests that an official summary of each member’s role in the team can establish a role awareness and avoid role conflict by other members in the
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