Clinical Problems In Nursing Practice

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Reflect upon the clinical problem that you have identified in your area of nursing practice (as identified in Module 1). Critically appraise the research and summarize the knowledge available on the clinical problem.
The problem that was identified in my module 1 is Oxygen desaturation in the pacu patient or post-op surgical patient, patient that is still on opiate analgesics after surgery. The clinical problem that was presented in module 1 reflects on the bodies decrease respiratory capacity after receiving opioid analgesics, or IV anesthesia during the operative setting. Patience are at higher risk 4 retaining carbon dioxide CO2, and they 're also a greater risk for experiencing respiratory depression that can lead to respiratory distress
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the increase was also link to the usage of visual assessment and pulse oximetry have not received by itself did not provide the same covered that was provided by all 3 assessment tools being used together.
Create a strategic plan for implementation
The model that I would choose to use for implementation would be the Johns Hopkins evidence-based nursing model. this model is a simple but effective model constructed by nurses for nurse to utilize. The model is broken up in to 3 stages. First stages including the practice question, the second stage will be presenting the evidence, in the third stage translation of evidence into bedside practice.
The first step that I would take would be to seek approval from my unit manager 2 review the incidences of respiratory depression or distress in patients that we have in the pacu over 3 months. In order to formulate friends in respiratory depression and I 'll patient
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The change curve Model is the theoretical model that I would you lies in this case to help show members of the pacu that we definitely need to implement this evidence-based change. Of course I will have to convince my staff members that this change will benefit both staff and patient equally.It will benefit staff members because the increase monitoring with the capnography will prevent adverse incidents in which a patient life is placed at risk of further deterioration.And it will improve our overall patient satisfaction scores by limiting the amount of patients that go through the traumatic experience of not being able to breathe. may want to implement change, one will have to be able to convince those around that change is necessary for the overall Improvement of the staff end of the patient population . My plan is to keep an open line of communication when it comes to implement rating policy of you using your monitors. as a nurse who has your policies being forced upon me without any request for input I know that it 's vital to get input from my co-workers. So my plan would be to hold a series of staff meetings in which co-workers can express their doubts or their favor and I would listen honestly to their concerns. Also having the help of Educators unit Educators and also Hospital Educators to help me with presenting the plan to my coworkers would also be beneficial. I would also remind or workers that this new policy has only the patient 's well-being in mind and if
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