Clinical Reflection: Clinical Observation

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Clinical Reflection: Observation I did not get enough sleep the night prior the clinical due in part to excitement and some anxiety. In fact, I had to scour the internet for bits of information as to what to expect in a post-anesthesia care unit to be ready the following morning. All the observation experiences I’ve had, thus far, were all positive, and I was hoping that this third clinical observation will not be a deviation from that streak. The morning started out slow, I actually waited for two hours before I saw any activity in that unit. However, as the patients trickled in, starting out with one patient followed by another, the unit was all of a sudden inundated with individuals coming from surgery. As a matter of fact, as soon…show more content…
Watching the actual procedures being done and realizing the the importance of individual as well as the collaborative effort between the team of professionals that goes in to achieving the desired outcome, to say the least, is inspiring. Positive clinical observation such as my time at the post-anesthesia care unit greatly influences the course I am taking with my nursing path. Indeed, this clinical observation not only showed the importance of being able to work autonomously for patient advocacy, but also taught me the importance of being able to work as a part of a health care team in delivering the best possible patient care. Each nurse in that unit displayed full grasp of the process and showed a deep level of expertise in addition to their commitment to providing care. Therefore, nurses should have the full grasp of the process and acquired the necessary knowledge needed to perform at such a level. The post-anesthesia care unit definitely plays an important part in patient recovery. Hence, post-anesthesia care unit nurses need not only have the dedication to their craft, but also the commitment to attain the level of competency to perform such a delicate

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