Clinical Reflective Essay

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What did you do this week to help with your understanding of course material? During clinical this week I first went to Ware Shoals Primary School. There we continued to help with hearing screenings. This allowed us to learn how to communicate with small children as well and older children. Many of the younger children had a more difficult time understanding the process of the hearing screening and what was needed of them. After a while myself and my classmates began to come up with different ideas to help them to understand so that the process could go by faster. We came up with the idea to practice with the children and for those who were afraid to put the headphones on, we would but them on ourselves so that they could see that it was okay and not going to hurt them. At the School for the Deaf and Blind I got the opportunity to help with gathering students to get their heights and weights. It was interesting to interact with them because I do not know sign language. We had to come up with ways to ask students for their name so that we could correctly labels the heights and weights. What did you learn from your studies? Clinical…show more content…
My short term goal for this week and the week coming forward is to continue to use my time wisely to study for the last few test that we will have. I have progressed a lot this month with getting my grade up. In the beginning of the month I can honestly say I did not use my time like I should have. I did not fully read the chapters I was given, and my grade showed. The second quiz my grade went up a little more, and during that time I did take the time to read some, but not all chapters. Afterwards I began to come up with different systoms to study. Over the next week my goal is to get through the remainder of the chapter to prepare myself for the last few quizzes and the final. I do not want to begin to slack off because I kow that the final can potentially fail me if I do not study
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