Clinical Social Worker Essay

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As I grew up, I started thinking about the careers I would want to pursue. Instantly, I was interested in being a clinical social worker. I want to select this career for many reasons, but the main reason is because I want to help people mentally and physically when they are in need. The median salary for a clinical social worker is $62,000 in Colorado, and a clinical social worker works 5 to 6 hours a day. A typical day for a social worker is talking to clients, attending community meetings, and handling emergencies. In order to be a clinical social worker I would need a bachelor’s degree and a certification. In order to have a higher salary, I would need to obtain my master’s degree. I would like to live in Denver, Colorado. It would be a perfect place to live because my family lives there, the mountains are close by, the Coors Field, etc. Although, the median home value is about $300,000 and home values are predicted to go up at a rate of 2.5%. In the next few years, my house value will probably…show more content…
Kam Bank and Trust gave me option 1 of an interest rate of 3.75%, 30 years, and a down payment of 20%. The other option that the bank gave me was an interest rate of 4.5%, 30 years, and a down payment of 3%. I chose option 1 because when I calculated the monthly payments with the present value annuity formula the monthly payments were $1,089.25 instead of option 2 being a payment of $1,401.62 each month. Although, the down payment is greater for option 1 I would pay less each month. The 20% down payment for option 1 is $58,800. I would have to save $580 each month for about 8.5 years. When I am done paying the house, I would want to rent out the home. This is the best because I gain a greater profit. The home prices in Denver will increase by 2.5%. This is a profit of $7,350, but when I rent the house, 3-bed, 2-bath home, it would be approximately $2,000 a month. I would gain a profit of $910.75 each

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