Clink's Sonnet 30

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If a recorded history of her brother’s activities were available to Clink, she would be able to not only be able to reconnect with her family and friends, but she would be able to talk with them and ask them for support in her time of need. With this in mind, as Clink speaks about her slow transition into analyzing her brother’s past, she refers to this experience in a repetitive symbolic statement, Clink says “I needed something else. I couldn’t face that void empty handed” (143). Consistently, Clink compares her feelings to a “void” which illustrates how her depression affects her daily life and those around her, causing a form of what could be considered a weakness. Clink’s understatement in this instance thereby solidifies the belief that…show more content…
A recorded history of her brother’s activities would allow Clink to avoid the struggle of searching for answers in her brother’s stuff and take a break from the search to reconnect with her loved ones. With this in mind, Clink has moved into analyzing and digesting the info she finds on her brother and in paradoxical simile says, “It had been about a month since I’d stated reading Matt’s stories, poems and blog entries, and I throbbed all over, as if I’d lost a layer of skin” (159). To clarify, Clink has begun her dive into her brother’s life, in which this statement embodies her frustration moving through the documents she has collected. The paradox in this instance is that she cannot actually lose a layer of skin, and she may be realizing more about herself as she analyzes her brother’s fight against his bipolar disorder. An actual record in this instance would allow Clink to see that she needs to reconnect with her loved ones to understand more than just what she sees on the surface of the record and expand her view of her brother with help in analyzing her brother’s
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