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All high school students belong to a clique. Some people prefer to use the words group, circle or squad. There are jocks, nerds, geeks, popular people, smart people, and many more. High school students are part of a clique because it gives them a sense of belongingness. They have people to talk to with similar interests. They would also have people who will have their back when needed.
From kindergarten until high school, I maintained the reputation of being the smart girl who is kind of popular because of her smarts. It was an easy image to maintain considering most of the people of my batch, including me, were from the same kindergarten and then went to the same elementary school and high school. In elementary school, I hoped to be friends with everyone. I am quite social now in college, but I was very much asocial in elementary school and
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My clique had a meeting to discuss everything that happened. We found the Pink Girls really clever to paint themselves as the victims when our conflicts were mostly two-way. They had the guts to go to the principal and cry their tears to make their stories believable. It was both amusing and annoying that they involved the school administration with regards to our issues. It wasn’t like the cliques would be chummy just because we were forced to talk about our issues. We certainly didn’t believe that. The incident just became a lesson for us to not be obvious with our dislike of the Pink Girls.
Currently, there is still tension between our cliques even though it has been almost 4 years since then. There is an obvious distance between our groups. Most members of the Masters aren’t friends with Pink Girls on Facebook or follows Pink Girls on other social media sites, and vice versa. When a Pink Girl member had her debut, most Masters weren’t invited. We found the act laughable, especially since I was personally invited to her older sister’s debut but not to
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