Cliques In High School Essay

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Highschool is a time where kids are supposed to figure out who they are. The thing about high school is that it is a cruel place. Some people go through some really hard times and they have to figure out how to get through it themselves. One of the worst things in high school is the technology and the media. So sometimes people find themselves after they hit rock bottom, and build themselves back up. That’s what this girl did and here is her story. Throughout high school there are certain cliques, which everyone wants to be a part of one. One girl had a clique of her own where she was happy and comfortable. She has had the same clique for as long as she could remember, and the same best friend. Once she got into high school her clique expanded…show more content…
They cut her out they were all posting pictures of them having fun, and she felt like she was missing out. They would all send her pictures and texts that would just shut her down. They all made her feel awful about herself. She began getting really upset. A way she never felt before, and she feared herself. She was tired, and when people get tired it gets dangerous. All the things that you see people do in these TV shows when they are depressed are put in your head without knowing. When she was alone at home a darkness would come over her, something she just couldn’t explain. She was fighting these demons inside of her and she was scared, so scared. Nobody could see how much she was hurting because she would put on her fake face to get through the day. She didn’t want her parents to worry, but they knew something was different they just didn’t know how bad. She felt like nobody was there for her, and she couldn’t handle it. Things really started to get bad she couldn’t even walk in the halls of school without stuff being yelled at her. Her goal was to make it to her car before she broke down in tears. This was everyday she was being bullied and it followed her everywhere. Social media and phones follow you everywhere. There was no escape. She felt as if no one was there for her. What is the point of living like this? Why does no one see how hurt I am? I am tired. These thoughts were going through her head. She
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