Cliven Bundy's Civil Disobedience

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Some wonder what Civil Disobedience is and what it is all about. Civil Disobedience is an effective, self­acknowledged denial to obey certain laws, requirements and orders of the government or an occupying world­wide power. Around in 1846 a man named Henry David Thoreau wrote an essay over Civil Disobedience. He wrote this while he sent the night in jail because he had failed to pay 6 years worth of delinquent poll taxes(Resistance to Civil Government) . He would bicker with the people saying he couldn’t pay the funds that helped to assist the US government 's war with Mexico, nor could he pay a government that still allowed slavery in its Southern states. Cliven Bundy had the same theory, he stopped paying his grazing fees. He doesn’t acknowledge federal authority over…show more content…
Bowe Bergdahl decided to walk off of his post in the Taliban. For doing that he got taken and kept in captivity, in order to receive him back the U.S lost five intel 's from the Taliban for a trade to get the Sgt. back. In the process of getting him back we lost six of our own soldiers who went to go search for him and ended up getting killed. In early February, Cliven Bundy was arrested for not paying his grazing taxes for over twenty­one years. Cliven Bundy doesn’t acknowledge any federal authority where his very own Foster 2 ancestors first settled in the 1800’s, he also claims that it belongs to his very own state of Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management contradicted him and took him into a federal court. After, many years of arranged settlement over the $1.2 million that Bundy owes in fees failed. So, the federal land agents started to confiscate over hundreds of his rare breed cattle that has been wrongly browsing on public land. While in court his claim over how the land belongs to Nevada didn’t hold up at all. His affirmation of inheriting an ancestral right to use the land didn’t hold up either. In a radio interview Cliven Bundy stated “I abide by all of Nevada state laws.
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