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When strange earthquakes start to pose a serious threat to the world it prompts Dr. Ambrose Ink to investigate. The good doctor eventually tracks down their source to the town of Hochwald, high in the mountains. Since the town is near the mysterious castle of the Barber family, home to the General Engineer of Gottland, Ink requests the help of his friend, agent Evangeline Glass. However, shortly after arriving in Hochwald, Ink is kidnapped by a enormous robot. With only a mechanical raven, named Matthew, as companion, you must rescue Dr. Ink and thwart the nefarious plans of the General Engineer before it is too late. With so many hidden object games favoring supernatural settings, it is refreshing to play a title with a unique steampunk setting.…show more content…
It doesn’t quite make the most of its setting, but it still makes for a nice change of pace from all the paranormal and supernatural stuff. Newcomers will probably enjoy this title the most as it is fairly light on challenges. We would have loved to see a more engaging storyline as well as a longer playtime, but what is on offer isn’t too bad for the asking price. Clockwork Tales lacks a compelling plot, but makes up for it with a unique steam-punk setting and some lovely hand-drawn visuals. It also veers a little too close to being short and easy for our taste, but it is certainly entertaining while it lasts. Anyone looking for a change of pace from all the supernatural themed hidden object games will definitely enjoy this game. Clockwork Tales is also very newcomers friendly, so if you are unfamiliar with the genre, it is a great place to start. Gameplay: A nice gentle introduction to the genre with relatively easy puzzles and mini-games. Graphics: The same high quality hand-drawn artwork that we have come to expect from Artifex Mundi. Sound: The voice acting is decent enough and the music is rather

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