Clonidine Case Study

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Being used by Nick, who was diagnosed by ADHD two years ago. The medication was prescribed by his pediatrician, and has helped him to control his impulsive symptoms, and has showed improvement in his school as well. His second grade teacher referred Nick to school psychologist duo to his behavior in class. He was distracted in the class easily, and he had difficulty to finish his assignment, while he got into the verbal and physical fight with his peers. His teacher reported that he distracted the class, for instance, he started talking with his classmates, while they were listening to the book that the teacher was reading to them. He had difficulty to get along with his peers as well, while he wanted to play with them, especially at the recess time. He got so frustrated that he ended up going to the principle office several days a week.
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Rebound hypertension may be minimized by gradual reduction of dosage over two to four days
Some question that could potentially come up for Janice and the family can be:
• Whether the medication cure his disorder or not?
• How long does he need to take the medication?
• Does he need special need at school? at home?
• How Janice can help him at home?
• Should Janice put him on food diets?

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