Cloning Persuasive Speech

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How would you like to have another you? No, not an identical twin but another person who is actually 100% you? Would the idea fill you with delight or horror? You might be confused but yes you can make a baby 100% like you. Cloning is the best alternative to the real product. You can create a person 's body part that needs to be replaced and it could be put in them with no harm of the body. Say your loved one is in a big need for a replacement body part, you can 't just get any replacement body part. You need a body part that is similar to the one that 's already in them and that 's where cloning comes in. If you clone their body part you can get one that is very similar in looks and size to the one she has. "Researchers hope to use embryonic…show more content…
Being able to clone may allow the cause of different diseases to be found. Diseases have a major impact on a lot of people 's cause of death. Cloning could allow you to find the causes; why wouldn 't you want to find the cause of a disease. "Researchers hope to use embryonic stem cells, which have the unique ability to generate virtually all types of cells in an organism, to grow healthy tissues in the laboratory that can be used replace injured or diseased tissues ("Cloning fact sheet"). Recreating a human could conflict with religion. There could be religions that don 't support of a second life for a person. "This may conflict with long-standing religious and societal values about human dignity, possibly infringing upon principles of individual freedom, identity and autonomy" ("Cloning fact sheet"). It allows parents to have a kid look exactly like them. If you were a parent you could make your kid to look whatever you want him to look like. "However, some argue that reproductive cloning could help sterile couples fulfill their dream of parenthood" ("Cloning fact sheet"). Cloning is the closet living life to the real life. You can create hearts that looks like someone 's exact heart. You can create babies that look exactly the same as the parents wanted. This matters because cloning could help the death numbers decrease. We need to start cloning and save life 's, who
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