Acute Coronary Syndrome Research Paper

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• Journal ‘The New England journal of Medicine’ 10th September 2009 volume -361 no.11 • Title - Ticagrelor versus Clopidogrel in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes • Authors – Lars Wallentin, M.D., Ph.D., Richard C. Becker, M.D., Andrzej Budaj, M.D., Ph.D., Christopher P. Cannon, M.D.,Hakan Emanuelsson, M.D., Ph.D., Claes Held, M.D., Ph.D., Jay Horrow, M.D., Steen Husted, M.D., D.Sc.,Stefan James, M.D., Ph.D., Hugo Katus, M.D., Kenneth W. Mahaffey, M.D., Benjamin M. Scirica, M.D., M.P.H., Allan Skene, Ph.D., Philippe Gabriel Steg, M.D., Robert F. Storey, M.D., D.M., and Robert A. Harrington, M.D.,for the PLATO Investigators* Introduction – Give a brief introduction about the areas on which you are going to review the article in 200…show more content…
In ACS antiplatelet is very much essential for the patient whether they undergoing primary PCI or medical management . a faster acting and better antiplatelet agent is always better results. This study aimed to assess better antiplatelet agent for use in actute coronary syndrome and comparision between ticagrelor and clopidogrel. The article will be reviewed for the appropriateness of the title and relevant content. The contents include the introduction, methods that include study design ,study patients,study treatment endpoints ,statical analysis and results and discussion. Each section will be analysed for relevance and appropriateness. Adequacy of literature search will also be tested. The methods used for the study must be in accordance with current standards and should be able to achieve the objectives stated in the study. The criteria for inclusion & exclusion should be appropriate in such a way that there are minimal confounding factors which will interfere in the results. The statistical techniques used for deriving the results will be checked for their appropriateness. The discussion will be reviewed to highlight whether it reflects the results obtained in the study. The conclusion will be checked if it actually achieved the objective of the study. References will be analysed to check its completeness, relevance and current or old
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