Clorinda And The Cheerleader-Personal Narrative

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Have you ever tried something out your comfort zone? All year Clorinda has been waiting to try out for volleyball. Then her mother wanted her to try out for cheerleading because she was once was a cheerleader.Clorinda wasn't really mad with the decision but she was just kind of scared trying something new. Everyone tells Clorinda it would be a good idea to try it, but Clorinda does doubt herself from time to time. It is important to be self confident, because you are a leader, a self starter , and you can accomplish anything. “Ugh”, Clorinda said to herself as she rode the bus over to cheer try-outs. She looked outside her window sadly. Everyone else on the bus was just talking away and laughing. “Clo what's wrong with you?’ , said Amaya. “ Nothing really just a little bit nervous”, said Clorinda. “ Awe, its nothing really to be nervous about. I promise you're probably are going to make the…show more content…
For some reason she feels way more excited then the rest of the week . When it was her turn to go up next she felt the nerves coming back. After starting her cheer she felt so much better and felt like all her hard work was paying off. One of the older girls saw her tryouts and told her that she did really good. That made her feel so good about herself. When all the tryouts were over they told everyone to go to the gym. Then her nerves settled back in. After a while they started calling names for the different cheer teams. They called the 8th and 7th grade teams before they called the 9th grade team. In Clorinda’s head she thought she wasn't going to make it. People around her told her that she did good and is probably gonna make the team. Then all of a sudden Clorinda’s name got called. She was very shocked and people kept telling her I told you so. Clorinda however couldn't believe what happened. In conclusion don't doubt yourself because you might prove yourself
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