Clorox Swot Analysis Essay

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The slogan, “We make everyday life better, every day,” comes from the worldwide manufacturer, Clorox, producing products such as cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and Burt’s Bees personal cosmetics. They are a multinational corporation with about 8,000 employees, and with a global net sales worth in excess of 5.66 billion dollars as of 2015, an increase compared to previous years. However, recent company research of the company shows that over the past two years, Clorox has had unfavorable foreign currency exchange rates, increased aggression in their competition, and a substantial increase rate in raw material costs. In this report, we will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within all of their different brands consisting of cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and Burt’s Bees products. 2.0…show more content…
Cleaning products are by far their most popular strategic business unit. Their cleaning products include disinfecting wipes, bleach, laundry detergent with stain remover and color booster, toilet and bath products, and much more. They are responsible for most of the company’s sales. A SWOT analysis will help determine why Clorox’s cleaning products are extremely successful and what the company can work on to make them even more beneficial. A strength of Clorox’s cleaning supplies consist of Pine Sol being the leading all purpose/disinfectant brand in the United States, resulting in high profits for the company. Other strengths for the cleaning supply SBU include strong research and development and a high amount of available resources for production. This allows the company to stay consistent through work directed toward innovation, introduction, and improvement for all of their products. Clorox also has an expanding operating margin that has been increasing persistently over the past couple of
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