Close Reading And Observations Of Religion In Catcher In The Rye

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Close Reading and Observations of Religion in Catcher of the Rye
Holden’s view of religion fluctuates throughout the novel, though he mostly viewed it negative
Holden doesn’t seem to hate idea of religion- he just hates how people seem to manipulated (take Ossenburger who uses religion to benefit his image and the big showy Christmas) celebrations that Holden saw in the park) the only good part of religion that he likes is Jesus- in fact he talks extremely fondly of him believes firmly that Judas never went to hell outwardly atheist
I think he relates to Jesus so much because in a way, Holden is like Jesus; he feels like he has to sacrifice himself to save the innocence of children
Holden isn’t really assertive whenever he says that he’s atheist-he
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